Surge in Google searches for ‘Buy Bitcoin’ reflects growing crypto interest


In recent weeks, Bitcoin has once again captured the world’s attention, and this time, it’s not just the price of the digital currency that’s making headlines. Google searches for the term “buy Bitcoin” have surged dramatically, indicating a significant spike in interest in the cryptocurrency market.


Buy Bitcoin searches, source: Google Trends
Buy Bitcoin searches, source: Google Trends


These search queries have increased both in the United Kingdom and across the globe, with the UK leading the pack, experiencing an astonishing 826% increase in just seven days. This surge in search activity is seen as a reflection of the growing enthusiasm for digital assets, coinciding with the resurgence of Bitcoin’s price above the $34k mark.


The remarkable surge in ‘buy Bitcoin’ searches in the UK, combined with the cryptocurrency’s resurgence, underscores the growing interest and potential impact of traditional financial institutions’ involvement in the world of digital assets,” said a spokesperson from


One of the striking aspects of this trend is the global nature of the interest. While the United Kingdom saw the most substantial increase in search volume, there was also a noticeable uptick in searches related to purchasing Bitcoin from web users around the world.


Users in the United States, for instance, have been searching for answers to questions like “Should I buy Bitcoin now?” with a more than 250% increase. Even more niche queries, such as “Can I buy Bitcoin on Fidelity?” witnessed an astonishing surge of over 3,100% within the last week.


This surge in interest aligns with a notable uptick in the price of Bitcoin over the past two weeks, culminating in the cryptocurrency briefly surpassing a value of $35,000 on October 24, 2023, marking its highest point since May 2022.


However, this surge is not merely driven by market dynamics but is also intricately linked to the imminent approval of Blackrock’s spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).


The excitement surrounding this ETF approval is not without reason. Many experts believe it will unleash a fresh wave of investment from institutional players. According to senior ETF analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart, the probability of approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF stands at an impressive 90% by January 10, 2024.


The market is paying close attention to the potential institutional influx into the cryptocurrency space, and this anticipation is causing many to explore their options, hence the surge in Google search queries.


BTC 7D graph, source: Coinmarketcap
BTC 7D graph, source: Coinmarketcap


Bitcoin (BTC) has shown strong resilience around $34k over the past 7 days, and the cryptocurrency is currently trading at $34,060, with a remarkable 14.5% price increase compared to last week.


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