Ethereum (ETH) technical price analysis Nov. 4


Ethereum (ETH) has demonstrated remarkable resilience by successfully defending its critical support level at 1500 USDT. This steadfast support has paved the way for a substantial upward movement, as the cryptocurrency recently reached its initial target price of 1880 USDT.


As ETH continues to chart its course, the next significant milestone to watch for is the breach of the 1880 USDT resistance level. Should Ethereum break through this barrier, it may embark on a further ascent toward the formidable price point of 2150 USDT. This level serves as the next important target, signifying the cryptocurrency’s potential for continued bullish momentum.


In the broader context of Ethereum’s price action, it’s important to keep in mind the key support levels. The 1500 USDT level, which Ethereum has successfully defended, remains a crucial foundation for the cryptocurrency’s price stability. Additionally, the 1800 USDT level serves as an intermediate support level, offering another layer of protection against potential downside movements.


Beyond the 2150 USDT target, investors and traders should also monitor the 2250 USDT price level, as it represents another significant milestone on Ethereum’s journey. These targets and support levels provide valuable reference points for making informed decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.


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