Non-Fungible Tokens, generally known as NFTs, are unique digital assets that are verifiable and contain proof of ownership. An NFT differs from fungible assets such as bitcoins in that the latter can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis, while each NFT is unique in design and value; hence the term “non-fungible”. NFTs can represent both digital and physical goods, but NFTs only exist in digital format and they are minted and traded on blockchains. The most common use case of NFTs is ownership and trading of digital artworks; however, NFTs have expanded to various other sectors. At CoinCupDaily we aim to bring the necessary information and the latest news on NFTs. How do NFTs work? Where do they derive their value from? What is trending in NFT marketplaces? What are the most recent adoptions of NFTs?

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BNB technical price analysis Nov. 29

  BNB recently demonstrated a resilient recovery, rebounding from the psychologically significant support level of 200 USD...

about 2 hours ago

1NCH technical price analysis Nov. 25

Market analysis -4 days ago
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